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Legal Consulting

Elevate your legal strategy with our comprehensive consulting services.

We handle every aspect of your real estate journey, from the search and property visits to price negotiations and the purchase agreement. Our comprehensive services extend beyond the transaction, encompassing mediation with banks and other service providers, ensuring your interests are prioritized for the best possible outcome.

Post-purchase, we continue to support you by facilitating legal actions and providing assistance in finding construction workers for renovations, complete furnishing, setting up utilities, and various other essential tasks, going beyond the typical services offered by most real estate agencies — at no extra cost to new homeowners.

Upon establishing an LLC, as a director/shareholder, you have the privilege to apply for residency through company formation, thereby becoming a resident of Bosnia. The Temporary Residency Permit in Bosnia and Herzegovina is granted to non-citizens seeking the opportunity to live and work in the country, typically issued for a duration of 12 months.

Subsequently, you can proceed to submit the necessary documentation for permanent residency and a work permit.

The Limited Liability Company (LLC or D.O.O.) stands as the preferred choice for launching a new business, offering a myriad of crucial and advantageous opportunities for future operations in Bosnia. Ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises, this business model provides flexibility and strategic advantages.

Notably, the director of the company is not required to be a citizen of Bosnia, enhancing accessibility and promoting a global perspective for businesses.

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) serves as a tax-efficient entity, with all income generated by the company subject to a nominal 8% corporate tax rate. This advantageous taxation structure is based solely on the company’s net earnings, calculated by deducting expenses from income.

In essence, corporate tax is levied only on the resulting amount after deducting legitimate business expenses.

Timely appointment of an accountant post-company registration is crucial. Our clients benefit from our seasoned and responsible accounting services, with a commitment to providing directors with essential details and crucial steps in navigating Tax administration. We offer guidance for your continued business operations, advising on tax benefits, and ensuring compliance with state obligations.

In addition to LLC, our team is ready to enlighten you about other legal forms available in Bosnia, presenting opportunities such as asset protection, safeguarding personal property, capital gains considerations, and more.

Corporate Bank Account

Explore Our Streamlined Solutions for Establishing and Managing Your Corporate Bank Account.

With decades of collective experience, our team members have been actively engaged in navigating the intricacies of various banks, keeping abreast of the latest news, updates, and policies across Bosnia and the entire Balkan region.

Recognizing the paramount importance of sound banking practices in today’s business landscape, we dedicate special attention to ensuring successful banking operations for our clients.

Your business plans and needs are at the forefront of our considerations, allowing us to tailor banking solutions that align seamlessly with your objectives.

We take pride in our track record, as all our clients successfully operate through their business accounts.

Logistics Services

Comprehensive Transport Solutions:
Land, Ocean, and Air with Unparalleled Reliability and Efficiency.

At Zema, we go beyond ordinary logistics – we ensure the timely and reliable delivery of your goods through our land, ocean, and air transport services. Reliability is our hallmark, guaranteeing that your shipments will reach their destination at the scheduled time and place.

Our commitment to efficiency drives us to optimize logistics services daily, keeping pace with global developments to deliver where others may falter. Amid a sea of similar service providers, we distinguish ourselves by offering affordable prices without compromising quality.

Dedicated to excellence in the Balkan region, we stand ready to help you streamline your business operations, ensuring the seamless and timely delivery of your goods without obstacles. Our services encompass a wide range of offerings, including logistics services, transportation, customs clearance, storage, and specialized handling tailored to your unique requirements.

For international transport, we organize direct or collective shipments according to client needs, facilitating direct communication between you and the recipient abroad through our network of agents. Our strong connections throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia ensure that we are fully informed about the transportation of your goods, with our network operational seven days a week.

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The unique structure of this kind in Europe and much further. This entity is providing the long list of benefits starting from taxation rates, CEFTA, government support for business development, reimbursements and many others. You will be surprised to uncover the perfect solution for your business right on the boarder with EU. Let us know if you are interested in details.


Serbia has well balanced and established stable relations with the world, so it has recorded an exceptional growth in investments and inflows of foreign companies in recent years. Its simple and fast procedures for starting a business will save your time. In a few steps, you can start or continue business using the benefits of Serbian banks, which are flexible and stable. All about benefits of starting a business in Serbia will be presented to you on your request.


A country focused on development and success, determined to keep your plans tied to it, offering the most beautiful beaches, the most affordable real estate on the coast, easy trade directly through the port, good banking services and many other benefits. We will be at your disposal to introduce you to the advantages of doing business in this country.