LLC formation

Benefits of Bosnian LLC

  • Founding capital 1 euro
  • Time required for establishment 10 days.
  • Only the basic documentation for the establishment is needed.
  • It can be opened without the presence
  • 10% corporate tax
  • 0% dividend tax
  • Director of LLC doesn’t need to be citizen of Bosnia
  •  No requirements for social charges


Tax obligations

LLC is a tax subject and all income generated through company is subjected to 10% corporate tax

There is 0% dividend tax which means that the founders of the company do not pay any tax when withdrawing dividends. This is an unusual thing for a European country and it makes Bosnia new tax paradise. Also, it is important that you know that the possibility of not paying tax on dividends does not represent any kind of tax evasion, but is fully approved by the state and does not require any additional complications for justification.

After registering a company in Bosnia, a foreigner should remember that even if the company does not conduct economic activities this does not exempt a foreigner from making tax reports (even with 0 profit) and paying other taxes, such as corporate and personal income tax on their employees.

The basis for the corporate tax is only the company’s net earnings. In other words, the corporate tax is only paid on the amount obtained when expenses are deducted from income.

In case of bankruptcy, shareholders of LLC are not obligated to pay the company’s debt with their own assets.

If you are resident of the country by which the Republic of Serbia has concluded a Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty you can optimize taxation in order to reduce operation costs.

Proces details

  • Preparation and notarization of documents
  • Company registration in the Business Registry Agency
  • Assistance when opening corporate bank account
  • Collection and submission of remaining documents for bookkeeping and further business.

Documents that are needed

  • Passport copy of shareholder/director
  • Prof of address
  • POA in case of remote service

Common questions

Company can appoint up to 5 directors.

Yes, foreigners are allowed to register multiple companies

Maximum is 3 months.

Everything can be finished with PoA, but you need to be present for opening bank accounts.

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